Hundred Acre Wood///Birthday Party

It is always fun to be a part of weddings! They are such a special day to celebrate. But it is also fun to do something a little out of the ordinary and be a part of a birthday party. Especially when that birthday party is for a very special girl, like my own!

I have always enjoyed hosting get togethers, and I am a sucker for a well themed party, so I loved having the chance to have a little fun in planning my own little’s SECOND birthday party! *insert tears and all the cliche saying of how they grow up so fast here*

When we named our daughter, Winnie, I never had any intensions of associating it with Winnie the Pooh. In fact, I had intended on avoiding it completely! But when your daughter turns out to LOVE Winnie the Pooh, sometimes you just have to embrace it!!! So, I did! And we had our very own special day to celebrate Winnie in her hundred acre wood! Take a look….


It was such a fun day! It’s always a wonderful time to celebrate with close friends and family! I feel like I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t tell you a little bit more about the details.

I was inspired by a blog post about a Winnie the Pooh themed birthday, and loved the invitation that they made for theirs-so I did my best to recreate it. Thanks to ol’ copyright and royalty things and such, the lady was no longer able to sell it on Etsy. So I put my design skills to the test and came up with this:


Then, I enlisted the help of my father with TLC engraving to create some adorable Winnie the Pooh pieces to put on the tables! I had originally planned on just silhouette cutouts, but then he surprised me with the beautiful detailed ones you can see here….

(sadly, these aren’t available to purchase-due to said copyright and royalty rules). They were a perfect accent to the brown bottle collection and the double sided white frames, that I filled with some of my favorite Winnie the Pooh quotes, though!

One of my favorite parts was the food table *all the heart eye emojis*. My husband has put in countless hours building these farmhouse tables for our inventory, (along with my father-in-laws help) and I was SO HAPPY to be able to use one of them for the party! It was the perfect base for our little pooh themed smorgasbord. It included things like Kanga and Roo’s Pouches (applesauce pouches), Owl’s chili (because what is a fall birthday without some chili), Piglet’s Pigs and a Bun (everyone was able to roast their own hot dog on the campfire),  & Veggies from Rabbit’s Garden! We also had Eeyore’s Water and Piglet’s Pink Lemonade. AND THEN, my absolute favorite, was the stunning work of Janet at DeLish Designs of the dessert!


Sadly, (but not too sadly) I was too busy partying with my little to snag a picture of it ALL setup with the food and everything. Whoops!

But checkout the ADORABLE cake, cake pops and cupcakes DeLish Designs made…



They were seriously-SO GOOD! There were carrot cake ones, chocolate, vanilla with raspberry filling, vanilla with lemon filling, and they had the most delicious lemon icing! I’ve had WAY too many! Janet went above and beyond!

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL party! We are beyond blessed by the love and support we have of those around us, and it was so fun to celebrate one of our favorite people in such a fun way!


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