Kindred Spirits

I, personally, am a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables. It’s an all time favorite. I loved reading the books, I loved watching the movies, I loved crushing over Gilbert Blythe. I loved it all. And as you can imagine the term kindred spirits has stuck with me since that day. (For those of you that aren’t avid Anne of Green Gables fans-“kindred spirits” is a coined phrase from the dear series.)

I had the lovely opportunity to make the sweetest connection with a kindred spirit for a wedding in August. She called me, interested in a couple of items, and as we talked the whole thing began to unfold. Items that she had been hoping for, she discovered I carried in my inventory! EEEK! These are the moments I live for.It’s why I started this company to begin with. I wanted people to have affordable access to unique, special pieces for their wedding day. As we continued to talk, it was clear that God had a hand in the matter. She was getting married at one of my favorite venues (Sycamore Creek Family Ranch), and as it turned out, was using one of my favorite planners (Allie Rose Events). And through it all I was introduced to an amazing photographer who can capture a day with all the details  and all the emotion to make you feel like you were there (Jordan Brittley Photography). Seriously, people! She’s incredible!

This whole wedding has to be one of my favorites to have been a small part of. It’s not every day that you go to make a rental pickup at 10:00pm in the evening and you arrive to a reception that is being filled with radiant music of heartfelt worship to God. That, my friends, is a kindred spirit. I was in awe. Such a sweet picture to have witnessed.

Here’s a little window into some of the beautiful pieces that the bride, Kristina, picked out for her special day. (courtesy of Jordan Brittley)


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