Silver Pitchers

I had a few pitchers laying out that I had yet to return to my inventory storage area from their last use.

I decided today is the day that I’m going to get them all washed up and ready to go back into storage until their next rental. So, during my little’s nap time, (you know-the only time of day that you can actually get things done that require the use of both hands?!) I began to wash and dry them. When I set the first one down and looked at it, I decided it needed some polishing. I had NO IDEA how extremely tarnished they were. I mean, I knew they weren’t super shiny polished silver pieces, but that’s what adds to their “vintage” charm-right?! Oh dear!

They were awful. But, with a little elbow grease and polish, they are looking absolutely GORGEOUS! And now, I don’t want to put them back into storage because I’m just enjoying looking at how shiny and pretty they are!!!!

Check out the before and after:


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